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Coppet Coaching & Counseling


Coppet Coaching & Counseling
Renate Wassenberg

FSP Psychologist, Life Coach & EMDR Practitioner

Welcome to Coppet Coaching & Counseling.

There are many different types of Coaching and Counseling and there are many overlaps in the two disciplines. Both are one-on-one talking sessions with the Coach/Counselor, aimed at helping clients improve the quality of their (personal and/or professional) lives by increasing their level of satisfaction and happiness. The relationship between Client & Coach/Counselor is confidential and based on trust, mutual respect & support.

CCC’s Counseling is more focused on providing you the space you need to explore who you are and what you want in life. It is about creating awareness of your long-term negative perceptions, behavioral patterns & hurtful emotions and helping you change these into more positive and/or constructive ones, using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic (CBT) and Mindfulness approach. CCC proposes Psychological Counseling, Relationship Counseling and EMDR Therapy.

CCC’s Coaching is more focused on working towards clearly defined objectives. This may involve homework assignments (exercises to do at home) to help you grow the skills you need to reach your objectives. Coaching is generally more pragmatic, more focused on the present, often centered around one main area in your life and requires your active participation. CCC proposes Professional Coaching, Adolescent/Teen Coaching and Personal/Life Coaching.

I look forward to meeting you,

Coppet Coaching & Counseling
  • “I connected with Renate to help me improve some key traits I judged necessary to succeed in the corporate world & in my marriage.  Better communication skills, personal organisation and energy…
    — A.
  • “Flexible. Intuitive. Responsive. Caring. From our first coaching session together, Renate helped me clarify my thoughts on my professional behaviour transition and identify what I really needed to…
    — J. , Divonne
  • After an international move to Switzerland I felt quite overwhelmed and unbalanced, both personally and professionally. It was one of my best decisions at that time to get in touch with Renate. She…
    — Judith, Vaud, Suisse
  • Renate’s coaching sessions are truly enlightening & inspiring. All in harmony: the coach with the coachee, and you with yourself. Enriching experience! The environment is cozy & friendly. T…
    — Viktoria


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