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The story of Viki

A client’s testimonial

Renate Wassenberg
19 May, 2020

When a beautiful & bright young woman named Viktoria first came to see me a few years ago, she wasn’t doing very well. Now, she is living her best life. This is her inspiring story on how she learned how to “spread her wings and fly”.

“It all started with a feeling. A feeling that something just wasn’t right. I was feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, I felt stuck. I was lost, did not know which direction to take. Most importantly: I did not know how to gain myself back. It seemed impossible to take decisions and to make a change. It was foggy and unclear. I put myself on a leash and I was just looking around, not being able to see further, and I could not move – just like a dog on chain attached to something. I restricted myself.

Even though I felt stuck, my heart was whispering to me to take this step and reach out for help and I truly believe that this was one of the most important steps I took towards change.

The coaching sessions with Renate opened new doors both to my heart and mind. So many realizations appeared. Session by session I got closer to myself and could identify my own limiting beliefs and obstacles – internal and external. Her way of asking questions and leading the conversation was just the straight road to my self-exploration. I will never forget how her sessions made me feel. How I walked into her house and how I left: such difference! I felt the spring breeze and saw all the greenery around me after leaving her house… I felt in my power. So uplifted, seeing clearly and filled with hope.

Renate guided me on my road to self-discovery. I found the answers I had been seeking and I finally heard my heart’s calling…it woke me up, I slowly stepped back into my power and took charge of my own life. This wasn’t an easy process for me.

I was able to take decisions for myself again and follow my dreams. The dreams that had been covered by dust for a while: I embarked upon my own journey, bought my plane ticket to South-East Asia and I traveled for six months! Time of endless beauty and discovery. A true heart-journey. I gained myself back and took the courage to actually do what I wanted to do in life…And it lead to even more. The step I took towards my dream – to travel in Asia – empowered me to continue and I applied for the job I had been fantasizing about for a long while. I acted on a feeling, instead of questioning it. I just felt: it’s time, go for it! And I got the job and love the life I live now.

Looking back on my journey now… The Viki before the coaching sessions and the Viki who dared to spread her wings… such a difference! The old Viki was clueless and confused and this new Viki is empowered and strong. I now feel inner peace and trust. I know what I want. I have learned so many things in the past few years. One of the most important lessons is definitely nurturing the connection to myself, connecting to my heart and being brave! Life is truly generous with us.

My advise? I can not emphasize enough what a difference it made for me to ask for help when it got overwhelming and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I see it as a sign of strength now, that I asked for help. It has only benefited me.

I will be forever grateful for Renate’s dedication towards her work and for the time and energy she invested in my journey. She always created a cozy, welcoming, warm environment where I could open up and feel safe. I learned so much from her. Lessons not just for that life-phase, but lessons I carry with me wherever I go and whatever I do. I am thanking her for holding my hand and helping me through some obstacles and I am thanking myself for stepping on the road and face life with its ups and downs – but mainly with its beauties.

Viktória N.”


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