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Professional Coaching

Coppet Coaching & Counseling

Professional Coaching

Are you stressed at work? Over-worked or burned-out? Are you failing to reach your optimal performance potential? Do you fear the judgement of co-workers and/or do you have trouble building relationships with them? Are you being harassed by your superior? Do you feel out of place? Are you unsatisfied and considering changing careers?

Are you a people manager and questioning your own leadership style? Lack of confidence in your impact? Is your communication ineffective? Is there conflict in your team? Are they unsatisfied and is the work-atmosphere poor? Is this affecting overall team performance?

Do you want to improve your work life?

My Approach

Through individual sessions, we start by exploring all your work dynamics and understanding where you are stuck. Then we work on building the competences you need to reach your Coaching Objectives and increase your overall satisfaction at work. Depending on your specific needs, here are a few of the tools often used: 360 tests, burn-out checklist, career questionnaire, performance coaching, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to separate the rational-irrational fears, time management training, work on sales pitch, “profiling” – my perception of your presentation. 

Program Details


Individual session: 60 min


Single Session: 175 CHF

(see more information at “Prices”)


Alternative options

  • Video conference (i.e. Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp Call)

  • “Walk & Talk – at distance”(we walk and talk, but on the phone)
  • A regular Phone Call.


Corporations – contact me for a tailor-made offer specific to your company’s needs.