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Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling

Do you have a lack of intimacy in your marriage/relationship? Do you argue a lot or do you not speak to each other at all? Was/is there an infidelity in your couple? Are you dealing with crises, like a separation or loss of a loved-one? Are there problems standing in the way of you reconnecting with one another (i.e., burn-out, psychological trauma, hidden sexual orientation or desires, abuse)

Do you want to improve your relationship?

My Approach

Through individual and couples’ sessions we will try to understand your relationship’s dynamics and your individual needs & fears using an Emotionally Focused Therapeutic (EFT) approach (also used for parent-child relationships). Once we understand what causes the disconnection, we can work on repairing your bond. We may meet for individual sessions to explore possible personal blockages (see Psychological Counseling and Life Coaching).

Program Details


Couple’s session: 60 min


Single Session: 175 CHF

(see more information at “Prices”)


  • Coppet (my home office)

Alternative options

  • Video conference (i.e. Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp Call),


Contact me for a free & non-binding introduction call.