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Every individual is unique.

The number and frequency of sessions you will have depends entirely on you: the severity of your problem(s), your & my availability, your motivation and priority,...

That said, Coaching Clients who wish to reach certain goals usually take 5-10 sessions (spread out over 3-6 months) to reach their first primary objectives. After a first series of sessions/time-period, we evaluate your progress and analyze if you would benefit from continuing.

For Counseling Clients, there is no time/number of sessions-target. We continue to see each other as long as you want. 


  • Prices of 60-min sessions: (for private clients)
  • Single session
    175 CHF
  • Payment upfront – 5 sessions
    835 CHF

    875 CHF

  • Payment upfront – 10 sessions
    1645 CHF

    1750 CHF 

  • Adolescent Coaching – payment upfront of 4 sessions (45min)
    550 CHF

    580 CHF

I am an FSP, AVP and NIP member. 

Introduction Call

Prior to making your decision on if I am the person to help you, I offer a free & non-binding first introduction call (5-10 min). In this call I get a general understanding of your needs and potentially plan a first session. It is optional, so please ask me about it if you are interested. 


I work from home in Coppet (between Geneva – Nyon) and also offer walking sessions outside (see Walk & Talk below), sessions by phone or sessions via video conference (i.e. Zoom).

Walk & Talks

Walk & Talks” are talking sessions outside, during an endorphin-releasing walk in the nature. It is optional, but highly recommended to have at least 1 “Walk & Talk” out of all your sessions. The location of the walks varies, but often around Lake Divonne or in a forest close to Coppet.

Walk & Talk “at distance” is also a possibility: we would be speaking over phone whilst we both walk separately in nature (during Covid a wonderful alternative). 

In my holistic approach, the focus is on your mental, emotional, AND physical well-being. These “Walk & Talks” are a fantastic way to stimulate creative thinking, decision-making and improve overall mood. (Please ask me for more information if you are interested).

  • Language
    Dutch, English and French.
  • Working days
    Mondays – Fridays from 8.30 – 18 h (Wednesdays only mornings).
  • Cancellation policy

    For cancellations more than 24 hours before your appointment, your session won’t be charged. For cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment or failures to cancel (“no shows”), the session will be charged at 100%. 

Good to Know

  • You may book double sessions (2 sessions in a row)

  • On request, payments of packages may be done in two or three terms

  • For emergencies I can be available for sessions during the evening or on weekends at an adapted rate (200%).

  • LGBTQ+ friendly


Contact me for a free & non-binding introduction call.
+41 788789106