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“J’ai particulièrement apprécié la qualité des échanges et interactions avec Renate, la finesse de son analyse et la pertinence de ses propos et recommandations. Cette rencontre a été très enrichissante pour moi et valorisante, me permettant de mettre le doigt rapidement et en toute simplicité sur mes axes de réflection et de développement. Le tout dans une démarche ouverte sans contrainte et fluide – Merci Renate pour votre accompagnement à la fois très amical et très professionnel. ”

– Patrick

“I connected with Renate to help me improve some key traits I judged necessary to succeed in the corporate world & in my marriage.  Better communication skills, personal organisation and energy levels.  Working with Renate, I realized that these were superficial challenges for a deeper problem – I was fundamentally not happy with the person I had become.  Together she helped me work on myself, identifying the person I wanted to be while overcoming the barriers that prevented me from becoming that person.  This resulted in some significant changes in the way I live my life now.  I am more proactive, I take better care of myself and I made the big decision to pursue a career pivot in a direction that more closely aligned to the purpose I wanted to fulfil.  By working on my personal foundations, I have found that my communication skills, personal organisation and energy levels have all improved on their own.  I am excited about the future in a way I haven’t felt since my 20s, but I am happy to approach it with the calm assurance that comes from a deeper understanding and acceptance of myself which I have gained working with Renate.”

– A.

“Les séances de coaching avec Renate m’ont beaucoup apporté et ont été très enrichissantes. Des astuces et conseils sur comment voir différemment les choses m’ont permis d’améliorer mon quotidien, tant privé que professionnel. En plus de voir et de réfléchir d’une autre manière, j’ai appris sur moi-même. Ce qui m’a fait évoluer. Merci beaucoup, Renate, pour votre précieuse aide”

– Mégane

“Renate’s warmth, openness and professionalism offers a secure environment, in which it is possible to reflect honestly about one’s personal qualities, behavioral patterns and values and their impact on the goals set at the start of the coaching process. If necessary, Renate provides support between sessions by email or telephone which makes it easier to track the progress made. If you want to make real change in your life, Renate will get you there!”

– P

“I was very lucky for having had the chance to work with Renate as my professional coach. Her kindness, attentiveness, guidance and, most of all, her advices were precious tools for reviewing and changing my job search focus. Renate’s international experience, savvy recommendations along with her honest and careful feedback were exceptionally helpful in my career review process.”

– Karla

“Coaching with Renate was very helpful – her advice and encouragement made an important change in my life. She is great in her job and has the capacity to help in many ways – professionally, but also in relation to family matters. I am grateful for her insights and very practical feedback! Thank you Renate! ”

– Nika, France

I very much enjoyed working with Renate, she is endowed with great professionalism and sense of humanity. She is a great motivator and communicator and helped me during the start of my entrepreneurial endeavor by enhancing my emotional intelligence and communication skills. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future.

– Salvatore, Geneva, Switzerland.

J’ai été vraiment heureuse de faire votre connaissance et j’ai eu beaucoup de chance de vous trouver. Il est vrai qu’après chaque séance, je ressortais contente et même surprise en bien et voyais mes évolutions grâce à vous et à vos compliments. Vous faites un travail remarquable et grâce à vous, j’ai un dossier en bêton qui me permet de décrocher des entretiens.

– T.

Expérience du coaching était une première pour moi et cela m’a fait un grand bien. Les rendez vous pris étaient une bouffer d’oxygène, En bonne professionnelle, Renate a su me conseiller en me donnant des conseils adapté à mon style de vie et à ma personnalité. Un grand merci.

– Valérie


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