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“I connected with Renate to help me improve some key traits I judged necessary to succeed in the corporate world & in my marriage.  Better communication skills, personal organisation and energy levels.  Working with Renate, I realized that these were superficial challenges for a deeper problem – I was fundamentally not happy with the person I had become.  Together she helped me work on myself, identifying the person I wanted to be while overcoming the barriers that prevented me from becoming that person.  This resulted in some significant changes in the way I live my life now.  I am more proactive, I take better care of myself and I made the big decision to pursue a career pivot in a direction that more closely aligned to the purpose I wanted to fulfil.  By working on my personal foundations, I have found that my communication skills, personal organisation and energy levels have all improved on their own.  I am excited about the future in a way I haven’t felt since my 20s, but I am happy to approach it with the calm assurance that comes from a deeper understanding and acceptance of myself which I have gained working with Renate.”

– A.