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“A fallen angel you feel; from the high crystal tower you landed in a place where your habitual rules do not apply, where you’re nobody; everyone before used to put you in the center of their universe, but all of a sudden nothing is like it used to be…it’s just you with your dark thoughts of loneliness, of lost friendships; feels like you’re used the whole time and now garbage like disposed. Your life used to gravitate around career, life used to be numbers, life used to be appreciation…and now carving after all of these you are prone of making compromises, of ignoring who you are just to feed your ego’s insatiable hunger. Before you go that road of no return, get in touch with Renate. Under her guiding, with her support you’ll find in you the ammunition to fight all those demons. To defeat them. To rise above the projection of darkness, and shine as true YOU, a unique contribution to this world. YOU are not alone; you don’t need to have this fight alone! You need to be coached on that. With Renate, you’ll find more than a coach, more than a theoretical process. Her unique combination of cultural background, passion for people, high emotional intelligence level, coaching and psychology combined, are there, waiting to help you. So did I, so you CAN do. ”

– Edi